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Selectel SIM Card
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Selectel SIM Card

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  • No contract, no obligation! Uses Verizon towers. Compatible with Verizon phones.
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  • See Product Description below for more plan details
 Tri- Cut SIM works for all 3 sizes!

Get a Free SIM Card with Your First Month of Service

New Great Plans Have Come to Selectel Wireless.

Call us at 727-498-0121 or contact to get your plan added.

We have been looking around for other Phone Plans we can offer people that work on the Verizon Network besides Page Plus. To offer more choices and improvements we are now also Selectel Wireless dealers. Selectel's customer service is in the US, when you need them, we can help with most issues and other conveniences.

We can do a seamless transition for any of you who are on Page Plus and would like to try this service, we would just change you at the time of month your service needs to be renewed. We have no problem switching you back as well.

We will also remain as Page Plus Dealers as well.

Here is a basic overview of the plans: 

All Plans $30 and up have Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, the differences are the amounts of data at the preferable 4G LTE speeds before they go down to 2G for the month.

• $15.00 Talk n Text Plan with 500 Minutes, Unlimited Text Messages & 100 MB of Data (This is only for 3G phones)

The rest of the plans are for any 3G or 4G compatible Verizon Phone:

• $30.00 Plan with Unlimited Talk, Text/ Data  with 3 GB of data at 4G Speeds

• $40.00 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Plan with 7 GB of data at 4G Speeds

• $50.00 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Plan with 10 GB of data at 4G

• $60.00 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Plan with 22 GB Data 4G

There are also Yearly Plans: $75.00 for 2000 Talk Minutes & 2000 Text Messages 3G

$100 for 2000 Talk Minutes & 2000 Text Messages for 4GB service

Flex Cards can be added to any plan $10 that give you either 200 talk or 200 text or 200mb of data

You may also add unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico for $5 or buy an International card for $10 or $20 that also gives free calling to Canada & Mexico and low rate calling to other countries.