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Sansa Clip Zip Talking  Mp3 Player 8 GB New
Talking Sansa Clip Zip

Sansa Clip Zip Talking Mp3 Player 8 GB New

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  • This Talking MP3 Player is fully accessible for the blind or visually impaired. Plays most file types, has Stereo FM radio, voice recorder or record in stereo from the radio. This 8GB player will hold approximately 2000 songs with an average size of 4MB each. You may increase the storage memory up to an extra 64GB as it has a micro SD cart slot!
  • Fully set up with Rockbox firmware greatly enhancing player's capabilities!
  • Free Shipping in the US and discounted International Shipping.
  • More information in description below.

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8 GB Sansa Clip Zip!

To listen to a presentation using a Sansa Clip Zip Talking MP3 Player, click here.

No need to pay hundreds of dollars for a specialized blind-only player just to play your music, podcasts, MP3 audiobooks, audio described movies and TV shows! Here's an affordable and accessible Talking MP3 Player which lets you control and play your audio files. This is our latest Talking MP3 Player, the redesigned successor to the Sansa Clip Plus. It's small, very light, and it clips to your clothing. The player's newly redesigned face and controls make for a superior user experience, even for those who have large fingers. It has an improved stereo FM radio which brings in the stations much better than the Clip Plus, it has a sturdier clip to attach to your clothing, it's just a tad larger than its predecessor the Clip Plus, and has the following features:

• Fully set up with Rockbox firmware greatly enhancing player's capabilities! What is Rockbox?
• Play most file types excluding protected file types.
• Fully accessible digital stereo FM Radio with a capacity of up to 64 presets.
• Record in stereo from the stereo FM radio or voice notes through the built-in mono mic.
• Expand your player's memory by using microSD cards up to an extra 64GB of memory.
• Great bookmarking capabilities, able to maintain your 10 most recent bookmarks.
• Create your own folders as you like; it's completely under your control.
• Use copy and paste to put folders and files on the player.
• Set up your music library any way you desire.
• System information is spoken: charge level, space left on player and microSD card, etc.
• Speed up/slow down audio without affecting the pitch.
• Speaks the time and date.
• Sleep timer.
• Wake up alarm.
• Audio tutorials are included on the player.
• User customizable player settings.
• Customize the sound of your player, including such basic items as bass, treble, and balance!
• Large list of graphic equalizer choices or create your own.
• Compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems.
• Rechargeable battery with over 15 Hours of playback.
• USB 2.0 connection.
• Measures 2.25 x 1.42 x 0.58 inches and weighs just 0.6 ounces.
• Friendly customer support.
Refurbished to new excellent condition

When you purchase your player from us, it'll arrive completely set up for use and speaking the menus, sub-menus, folders, and files. You can enable the speaking of your own folders and files by following the included directions and included accessible program.

Free Shipping in the US and discounted International Shipping.

What's in the package: 1 Talking new Sansa Clip Zip portable media player, 1 USB/charging cable, 1 Earphones

Included on player: Quick-Start Guide, Audio Tutorials, Rockbox Sansa Clip Zip Manual, RBClip, and the Rockbox Utility

Free customer/tech support via email, Skype, or phone
One year replacement warranty

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