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Miccus® Home TX Pro Long-Range Bluetooth Transmitter
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Miccus® Home TX Pro Long-Range Bluetooth Transmitter

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  • Brand New Product:Enable your non-Bluetooth audio devices, Stereo, TV, Computer, Talking Mp3 Player, Book Player etc to transmit Bluetooth signals to other Bluetooth enabled devices from up to 150 ft away! It will also work with audio devices using these Miccus Bluetooth receivers: Mini-jack RX, Mini-jack AX4, or any of the RTX devices! This bluetooth transmitter is meant as a home solution with a wall adapter and isn't meant to be used portably. More information in the description below.
Miccus® Home TX Pro

Enable your non-Bluetooth Talking Mp3 Players, Book players, TVs,  Home Stereos, Audio devices, DVD/BluRay players, Home Computers and more to transmit wirelessly to Bluetooth Headsets, Speakers and other Bluetooth receiving devices! Use the Miccus RX,  AX4, or one of the other receivers on our site such as the new Home RTX mini and others to connect to non-Bluetooth Speakers, headsets etc...

The Miccus® Home TX Pro is a long range wireless stereo transmitter featuring Bluetooth® 4.2 and the aptX Low Latency codec. Use it to add wireless streaming technology to your existing television or home audio equipment, or use it in place of your current transmitting device to extend your wireless range up to 150ft (50 meters). The Miccus® Home TX Pro supports Dual-link Pairing which allows two Bluetooth® receiving devices to be paired with it simultaneously.
Plug into your Television or home audio equipment and stream wireless audio to any Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Use with other Low Latency enabled devices like the Miccus SR-71 Stealth Headphones for a superb end-to-end LOW LATENCY audio experience.

What’s in the Box? 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, Toslink digial optical cable, Micro USB charging cable, USB Power Supply, User Guide, 1-Year MFG Warranty. Another wireless solution from Miccus to Simplify Your Mobile Lifestyle.

NOTE: The Miccus® Home TX Pro will only use the aptX LOW LATENCY codec with other receivers that support the aptX LOW LATENCY protocol. Otherwise the Miccus® Home TX Pro will default to the standard aptX or SBC codec. If video or television audio is your primary use for the Miccus® Home TX Pro, it is recommended that you purchase the Miccus® SR-71 Stealth headphones or a speaker system that also supports the aptX LOW LATENCY codec. When dual-link pairing is enabled the Home TX Pro DOES NOT operate in Low Latency.

• COVERAGE - Extended range for wireless freedom throughout your home; up to 150ft (50M). For maximum range, the included antenna must be firmly connected to the back of the Home TX Pro.
• PERFECT FOR TV - Pair the the Home TX Pro with LOW LATENCY enabled headphones like the Miccus SR-71 Stealth and get crystal clear audio without lip-sync or sound delay.
• AUTOMATIC – Press and hold the power button for 3.5 seconds to power on the Home TX Pro and automatically re-connect with your last paired device.
• SUPPORT - Access to reliable US-based phone support M-F, 11am-4pm EST. Email support available 24hrs.


• Bluetooth 4.2 (compatible with all available Bluetooth versions)
• Bluetooth profile: A2DP; Audio Codecs: APT-X LL, APT-X, SBC
• Operating Range: up to 150ft (50m), Operating Frequency: 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz
• Digital: Toslink optical; Analog: 3.5mm stereo input
• USB Power: DC 5V @ 500mA or higher
• Size: 3” x 5 ½” x 1” Weight: 5 oz
• One Year Limited Warranty

Instructions from a blind perspective emailed upon purchase.


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